Air Rifle Calibers

There is no reason that an air rifle could not be produced with a bore of any reasonable size, but...

Maya Cameron & the Crosman Challenger: Sporter-Class Champions

Meet Maya, record-breaking champion shooter

Before You Shoot: How to Prep to Become a Good Air Pistol and Rifle Shooter

Learning how to become a good air pistol or rifle shooter is all about safety and planning....

Airgun Ammunition

PELLETS Although the BB is a single type of round projectile made of steel, the number of types of...

How to Sight and Aim an Air Rifle

It is often said that a rifle is no better than its sights. Rifles don’t function in the same way...

Airgun Hunting 101 with Crosman

Game ON: Its Airgun Hunting Season

Labor Day Hooray!

Today’s about the colleagues who make us Crosman. Get to know one.

Velocity 101: The Science of Speed

ve·loc·i·ty /vəˈläsədē/ (noun): the speed of something in a given direction, for example: "the...

Airgunning 101 - Airgun Targets

Perfect your aim and your game with Crosman’s collection of airgun targets and let the good times...

Set Your Sights on Fun With the Crosman Air Gun Blog

It’s time to learn about air guns. Crosman has been an industry leader for over 90 years, and we’re proud to help you discover the joy of shooting through our outdoor lifestyle blog. We cover everything from air gun fundamentals to tutorials to the sacred art of plinking — all to help you harness the power of air. 

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