Airgunning 101 - Airgun Targets

Perfect your aim and your game with Crosman’s collection of airgun targets and let the good times roll!

Whether you’re new to the sport or a veteran shooter, targets for air gun enthusiasts can make shooting even more fun than plinking at cans. Can we get a YEEHAW!?

But hold your fire—were you aware of the myriad of target options available to elevate your air-powered adventures to new levels of AWESOME!? We sure are. Here at Crosman we offer a variety of target styles and types to suit everyone's experience level and requirements. Whether you're a hard-core competitive target shooter or looking to add a little more fun to your game—Crosman hits the mark.

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Target Types: 
  • Varmint targets

    • Perfect for those looking to perfect their aim in critter control or during the hunt. These are fun novelty-style targets with printed images of common varmint or animals. Shop the Crosman Varmint Target here.

  • Visible impact targets

    • These are reactive targets that splatter on impact for a little more YEEHAW while you perfect your shot. Shop the Crosman Visible Impact Target here.

  • Spinning targets

    • This style of target features a durable, all-metal frame, target faces in two sizes, and an extra set of target face decals to challenge your skills. Designed to fold up for easy storage and portability so it's easy to take to the field and set to your desired range. Shop the Crosman Spinning Target here.

  • Pellet target traps

    • Target trap systems are designed to set up quickly and easily and feature triple-layered curtains backed by a heavy-gauge galvanized steel plate. Once you’re done target practice, simply fold it up for storage or easy transport. Shop the Crosman Pellet Target Trap here.

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DIY Targets:

If you’re on a budget but still looking for a fun way of honing those shooting skills, why not try your hand at a little DIY? That’s “Do it yourself” for those non-Martha Stewart enthusiasts. Here are a few cheap n' cheerful methods we like here at Crosman.

  • Paper Targets & Tin Cans:

This is probably your cheapest and simplest DIY airgun target option and a great way to up-cycle those old soup cans piling up in your recycling.

You can simply line your cans (somewhere safe!) either in your backyard or an open field and let air power RIP. You can spice things up a bit and print out your own bullseye and tape it to the can for added satisfaction while perfecting your aim.

Alternatively, maybe you’ve been binge-watching The Walking Dead and want to prep for the next zombie apocalypse. Have some fun and print off some ghouls for free from the world wide web and practice eviscerating the bad guys one by one. HECK YEAH!

  • Airgun Trap Target:

Another cost-effective target option is creating an airgun trap which is relatively quick and easy to MacGyver. Trap targets (as mentioned above) trap pellets within the target so as to avoid any ricocheting and to prevent loss of pellets. It’s also a really safe option (so great for setting up in your own backyard). All you need for this is a large box, a sturdy backing (particle board would work well), a staple gun, some filler like newspaper, foam, old phone books, rubber mulch, tape, and a little elbow grease. Once safely assembled, just print out your own paper targets to fasten to the front of the box and let the good times roll!

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Airgun Shooting FAQs:
  • What caliber of airgun is better for target shooting—.177 or .22?

    • .177 offers a flatter trajectory than .22, which is a distinct advantage when shooting over different, unknown distances. This is less important at an indoor target club where the rifle will be shot at a specific distance and the scope can be zeroed accordingly.

  • What is considered the effective range of an airgun?

    • Most shooters find a limit of around 20-30 yards the most effective range for target shooting, however, it all comes down to the airgun or rifle you’ve got and your skill level.

Have more questions? We’ve got you covered! Crosman has a comprehensive FAQ sheet on our site that offers many answers to some of the most common airgun questions. Check them out HERE. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Hit us up directly, we’re here to help using our contact us form HERE.

Whether you’re out on the prowl hunting game, tearing up tin cans, or enjoying some backyard plinking— our target is always your pure joy.





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