Airgunning for Pest Control: Airgunning 101

Are raccoons getting into your garbage? Squirrels at the birdfeeder again? Or worse—rodents around your foundation? This is a pesky problem that we, at Crosman, have a solution for. Our air-powered armory has a wide variety of rifles designed for target shooting, teaching new shooters, and eliminating pests.

In this article, we dive into humane ways of managing pests in and around your home.

Types of Pests: 

So, you’ve identified the problem plaguing your home but before you can take matters into your own hands you must first determine whether or not the pesky critter at play is safely considered a “pest” in your state. The most common pest species are:

  • rats

  • ground squirrels

  • sparrows

  • starlings

  • blackbirds

  • pigeons

Your local governing body should have a comprehensive list of species declared invasive, prohibited, or potentially harmful in your area. Each state has different statutes and regulations that may dictate the management of said invasive species. Make sure you do your research before taking on the issue yourself and always comply with state law.


Best Airguns + Pellets to Use for Pest Control: 

Put air power into action with the Crosman Hunt Series of air rifles—the preferred style of airgun for critter control. That said, most airguns are considered suitable for pest management—it really just depends on you and the features you’re looking for.

For example, The 760 Pumpmaster is an entry-level variable pump rifle that is great for younger shooters and perfect for managing smaller critters such as birds and chipmunks.

The Legacy 1000 or the 2100 Classic are variable pump rifles that are better for adults, as they’re larger. Variable pumps allow you to control your power in case you need to shoot at something that may be hiding in or on top of a barn. Note: these bad boys are not for blowing through metal roofs—or for the faint at heart.

Break barrels have higher performance and come in various calibers to suit your needs. To understand this style it’s best to break it down by caliber.

  • A .177 caliber break barrel would be great for squirrels and rabbits.

  • A .22 caliber break barrel is best for tackling larger pests such as possums or raccoons.

Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) is the powerhouse of airguns. These airguns are very versatile and are more accurate at longer distances than any other airgun platform. When it comes to which pellets are best for critter control, domed pellets or hollow point pellets are the recommended choice for all. You can shop our entire ammo collection here.

Common Airgun Q+A:

Is airgun hunting safe? 

Airgun hunting is no more or less safe than hunting with any other firearms. There is a common misconception that just because it has the word “air” in it makes this style of shooting somehow safer. This is inaccurate.

Airguns should be handled with the same care and safety as firearms. You must ensure you are following the right rules and regulations for your specific state and that you are equipped with the appropriate safety gear to tackle your hunt. For more information about airgun safety, please visit our Safety Guidelines page here.

One of the first things we also recommend is getting a pair of Crosman Shooting Glasses that meets the ANSI Z87. 1 National Safety Standards. These are essential for airgun hunting and pest control.

Is airgun hunting humane?

A common question for new shooters is whether or not using an air gun to handle pests is humane. What this really boils down to is the power and caliber of the air rifle you have chosen. Air rifles come in various calibers— .177, .20, .22, .25 —all of which are considered safe to hunt the pests plaguing your home. Another big consideration when tackling pesky creatures is your accuracy at range. With the right Crosman airgun, your power and precision should humanely kill or scare away the animal in question.

For more information about the airgun hunting laws and regulations in your state, please visit our Hunting Laws page here. Our FAQ page is another great resource. For any further questions or concerns, you may have about the safety of pest control, or the best tactics to use in doing so humanely please CONTACT US directly. Someone from the Crosman team would be happy to help!

Here at Crosman we encourage you to harness the power of air in tackling your next pest problem. Just remember to do so equipped with all the knowledge—because knowledge is (air)power!



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