Take Your Best Shot with Crosman—Airgun Pellets 101

So you want to be America’s next top airgun shooter? In this article, we break down the basics of airgun pellets to help elevate your game. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter on the prowl or tearing-up tin cans on full autoCrosman has the right ammo to amp up the air power to new levels of AWESOME. Can we get a YEEHAW!?

Crosman pellets and American Classic Pistol

So where do we begin? Air powered shooting adventures come in all shapes and sizesfrom teaching the fundamentals to shooting for gold in competitions and Crosman has every ammo type needed to keep you shooting for hours.

First, let’s break down the basics of airgun pellets. For small bore airguns (e.g., .177, .20, .22, and .25 caliber), you will find roughly four types or shapes of airgun ammunition. Your intended use will dictate which type of pellet is best suited for your airgun. Our best suggestion? Try your hand at various pellet types to find the best options for you and your airgun!

  • Domed (a.k.a. round nose)
  • Pointed
  • Flat pellets/Wadcutters
  • Hollow points

Crosman Pellet Tin

Here at Crosman we break these pellet types down even further into two main categories:

Recreational Grade // pellets that are perfect for everyday use such as backyard plinking, practicing, and introducing new shooters to the sport. They include:

  • Essential Domedavailable in .177 cal and .22 cal options

  • Pointedavailable in .177 cal and .22 cal options

  • Black Widow Pelletsavailable in .177 cal only

  • Destroyeravailable in .177 cal and .22 cal options

  • Wadcutteravailable in .177 cal only

Premier Grade // are the air gunner's choice for knockdown power and long-range accuracy. They include:

  • Domedavailable in .177 cal and .22 cal options

  • Domed, Ultra Heavyavailable in .22 cal only

  • Copper Magnum Domedavailable in .177 cal and .22 cal options

  • Hollow Pointavailable in .177 cal and .22 cal options

  • Pirhana Hollow Pointavailable in .177 cal and .22 cal options

So with all of this in mind, where will your next Crosman adventure take you? Browse our full line of high-velocity airgun pellets here and feel confident in your choice. For beginners or those dusting off their old air gun may we suggest a little refresher with our Airgunning 101 blog to hone those shooting skills even further!

Still unsure of the best pellet for your airgun? We’d love to help! Reach out anytime with questions here. Because that’s always our target: your pure joy! and then let’s lock and load and raise a cheer to air, liberty, and the pursuit of perfection with Crosman!


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