Prairie dogs, Jim Chapman and the Benjamin Marauder .25

Benjamin Prostaffer Jim Chapman takes the Marauder .25 to West Kansas.  

Benjamin Rogue .357 Scores First Hog

Prostaffer Ed Schultz scores the first hog with the Benjamin Rogue .357.  

Around the Farm

Benjamin air rifles are used to help clear a few pests from local farms.  

Not all Small Game is Small

The Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle makes quick work of this big ol' raccoon.  

Squirrel Shot Placement

When it comes to small game hunting, Benjamin has an air rifle to fit your needs. Prostaffer Steve...

Before you Shoot

Before you enjoy your first shooting session with your new air rifle or air pistol, there are a...

Crosman M4-177

A detailed look at installing and adjusting the sights for the M4-177 and sighting in the rifle.  

Benjamin 15-Inch PCP Air Tank, Chapter 1- Assembly

Chapter 1 - Assembly  

Benjamin 15-Inch PCP Air Tank, Chapter 2 - Filling the Tank

Chapter 2: Filling the Tank