It’s Easter Egg Hunt Time—Crosman-style!

As far as targets go, Easter eggs may not be the craftiest prey, but they are a lot of fun to hit!

Spare your eggs!

This year, why not swap some of that chocolate in your Easter basket for pellets, BBs, targets, and Powerlets from Crosman? We can all celebrate the coming of Spring with some air powered awesomeness!

Just imagine the satisfying sound of a dyed egg getting acquainted with your Crosman American Classic pistol—or your Full Auto P1! Or take aim at this downloadable Easter-themed target. What’s a hunt—even an Easter egg hunt—without air powered awesomeness?

Now that’s a fun holiday!

This is the season to shake off the dust, get out in the fresh air, and enjoy spring. For us, that means airgunning. All the accessories you need for air powered awesomeness are available here at, and none of them are made out of marshmallows—we promise.

Download Now!

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