Go FULL AUTO with Crosman!

This season crank up the airpower to maximum blast with the line of Full Auto BB guns from Crosman—can we get a YEEE HAAWW for Air Power awesomeness!

CRS Full Auto Shoot 22_02-1

The Crosman Full Auto collection is all about maximizing thrills and excitement. You can experience the exhilarating joy of absolutely eviscerating backyard targets with any one of our BB rifles or pistols—from the Full Auto R1, Full Auto A4-P, Full Auto AK1 to the Full Auto P1. These CO2-powered, tactical rifles and builts with built-in blowback action provide the feel and functionality of a firearm for ultimate fun.

Get your hands on a Crosman Full Auto AK1 today and receive a FREE spare magazine and PSM45 pistol with your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Let’s lock and load, and raise a cheer to air, liberty, and the pursuit of perfection!

Shop the Crosman Full Auto Family here.



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