Airgun Innovation

For 90 years Crosman Corporation has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of air powered rifles and pistols. The company’s contributions to the shooting sports include advancements in technology and affordability that have reawakened sportsmen to the world of airguns. Today, Crosman air rifles are used not only in the backyard, but in national and world competitions, youth education courses across the country and fields, prairies, swamps and mountainsides by serious hunters.

Crosman has over 20 patents for airgun technologies. Notable products through the years include:

Crosman Rifle (1923) .22 cal pneumatic pump single shot.
102 (1929) .22 cal magazine fed repeater.
105 / 106 Bullseye (1947) First Crosman air pistol design .177/.22.
111 / 112 (1950) First CO2 guns introduced to the American public, used 10oz cylinders.
150 (1954) Powerlet CO2 source is introduced with this single shot .22 cal pistol.
160 (1955) Bolt action training pistol with automatic safety and powered by CO2 powerlet.
400 (1957) Rifle with a revolutionary new “swing feed” pellet loading mechanism.
45 (1958) First BB pistol.
380 (1959) Underwater speargun powered with CO2 Powerlet.
600 (1960) Semi-auto CO2 pistol with 10-round magazine.
V-350 (1961) First Crosman BB rifle.
677 Plink-O-Matic (1961) First Crosman BB pistol.
147BP (1964) First pistol that shoots BBs and pellets. New bolt design with a magnet on the tip to prevent BBs from rolling out the barrel.
760 Pumpmaster (1966) Introduction of the short stroke pneumatic pump rifle.
1100 (1968) CO2-powered shotgun.
1377 / 1322 (1977) Introduction of short stroke pneumatic pump pistols with manual cocking and steel breech.
2100 (1983) High power short stroke pneumatic pump rifle.
357-6 (1983) Double-action pellet revolver.
84 Challenger (1985) Bulk-fill CO2 Olympic air rifle with optional electronic or mechanical trigger.
AIR-17 (1985) Replica of government-issue M16.
87 Skanaker (1987) Bulk fill CO2 Olympic match air pistol.
1389 Backpacker (1989) Single shot multi-pump pistol with removeable stock.
790 Outbacker (1990) Built-in compass, removeable canteen in stock.
1077 RepeatAir (1994) Semi-auto pellet repeater rifle.
C40 (1998) New cam CO2 piercing mechanism for quick Powerlet changes.
2240 / 2250 / 2289 (1999) Breech bolt CO2 pistol.
2260 (1999) Breech bolt CO2 rifle.
AS1077T / 2250XT / AS39T (2004) New 88 gram “AirSource” CO2 canister enables up to 200 shots.
NS1200 Nightstalker (2006) Blowback rifle, Mohawk sighting system, powered by 88-gram AirSource.
C11 (2007) Pistol with drop-out magazine and easy slide grip panels for CO2 Powerlet access.
PRO77CS (2007) CO2 pistol with blowback action.
T4CS (2007) New CO2 Powerlet piercing mechanism.
CY6M77 Raven (2008) Reduced cocking force for entry level break barrel.
2300S / 2300T (2008) High performance competition pistols with single stage triggers adjustable to one pound, Williams Notched Sight.
BP1K77GP / BP9M22GP Discovery (2008) Crosman’s first precharged pneumatic (PCP). On-board pressure gauge, single shot .177/.22, 3000 PSI.
BP1763 / BP2263 Marauder (2009) .177/.22 PCP, shrouded barrel, choked barrel, 2-stage adj trigger, 10-shot magazine.
CH2009 Challenger (2009) High performance sporter class competition rifle, adj stock, ambidesxtrous and patented linear bolt, Lothar Walther barrel.
RCT525 Recruit (2009) Multi-pump rifle with adjustable length of pull to allow rifle to “grow with the shooter”.
C41 (2009) CO2 Powerlet pistol, alloy construction.
BP2563 Marauder (2010) .25 caliber PCP rifle capable of dispatching predators, small hogs. 8-shot magazine.
BP2220 Marauder Pistol (2010) .22 caliber, 8-shot magazine, shrouded barrel, bolt action, includes interchangeable shoulder stock.
BT1500WNP / BT1122WNP / BT725WNP Trail NP (2010) Introduction of Nitro Piston™ powerplant in .177/.22/.25 calibers. Nitro Piston reduces recoil, improves accuracy, reduces noise.
1700P Silhouette (2010) High performance pistol for IHMSA silhouette and NRA target competitions. Lothar Walther barrel.
BPE3571 Rogue (2011) Crosman’s first .357 caliber rifle, first electronic valve. Launches airgun hunting into mainstream, becomes pivot point for states allowing big bore airguns for use in hunting large game.
CD1K77NP Nitro Venom (2011) Beavertail forearm designed for artillery hold method of shooting.
MAR177 (2012) .177 PCP upper for standard AR/M4 lowers. Meets National Match Air Rifle competition requirements. Lothar Walther barrel.
1720T (2012) Designed for silhouette and field target pistol competitions. Lothar Walther barrel.
M4177 (2012) Based on 760 pneumatic pump powerplant. Modern sporting gun styling, adjustable stock, dual aperture, removeable magazine stores clips.
BBP77 Trail NP Pistol (2012) First break barrel pistol. First Nitro Piston-powered pistol. Includes cocking aid.
32001 / 32003 Legacy Jim Shockey Signature Series (2013) First rifle to feature soft-touch grip panels. Adjustable comb.
30062 MTR77NP (2013) Modern sporting rifle styling, Nitro Piston powerplant.
30110 MK-177 (2013) Based on 760 pneumatic pump powerplant. Modern sporting gun styling, storage compartment inside stock.
40021 GI 1911BBb (2013) 1911-style full metal CO2 semi-auto blowback pistol.
BP1764S / BP2264S / BP254S Marauder (2013) Synthetic stock, adjustable comb, depinger. Trigger moved rearward for improved fit. Reversible bolt. 30% increase in shot count for .177/.22.
BTN217SX / BTN292SX / BTN292WX / BTN292CX Trail NP2 (2014) Introduction of Nitro Piston 2. Patent pending split piston design with Tail Guides and Recoil Arrest pushes 30% more air for more speed and with less recoil.Ten pound reduction in cocking force. New Clean Break Trigger. New Crosman Baffling System is one-piece nylon fiber unit. Named among Blue Book of Gun Values’ Ten Most Innovative Products of the Year.
BP1764W / BP2264W / BP2564W Marauder (2014) Wood stock, adjustable comb, depinger. Trigger moved rearward for improved fit. Reversible bolt. 30% increase in shot count for .177/.22.
760B Pumpmaster (2014) New styling. New valve increases velocity and reduces pumping force up to 30%.
CCA4B1 Comrade AK (2014) CO2 semi-auto rifle.
CCP8B2 Vigilante (2014) CO2 semi-auto pistol with 10-shot clip that holds both BBs and pellets.
BPBD3S Bulldog (2015) .357 caliber PCP in a compact bullpup configuration.
BTAP22SX / BTAP22MX Armada (2015) AR-compatible PCP rifle featuring licensed Magpul M-LOK accessory rail system.
E-BPM22B / E-BPM77B Maximus (2016) Sub-$200 PCP rifle.
BABPNBX Pioneer Airbow (2016) New category of big game weapon featuring full length, full weight arrows driven by air.
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