Airgun Activities


All of Crosman and Benjamin airguns can be used for target shooting and plinking. Whether it’s a friendly backyard competition, competition practice or simply seeking out some trigger time, airguns save you the expense and hassle of driving to a shooting range and are quiet enough not to disturb the neighbors and ideal for most ages.


Pest species include sparrows starlings, mice, crows, rats and pigeons. Relatively low energy is required to dispatch these species but it is recommended that an air rifle produce sufficient power to deliver that energy beyond 10 yards.


These air rifles and pistols are specifically designed for competitive shooting include 10 meter, silhouette and field target. These guns are purpose-built with features to meet particular class requirements.


Rabbits and squirrels are typical small game animals popular among airgun hunters. Generally, break barrels and PCP airguns produce the minimum recommended energy to dipatch small game species. Most small game is regulated so be familiar with local game laws before hunting.


Varmints are a larger variety of pests and include woodchucks, raccoons, nutria, opossums and prairie dogs. Many furbearers fall into this category as well. The ability of Nitro Piston-powered break barrels and PCP rifles to deliver significant energy downrange makes them the recommended platforms for this category of hunting. Calibers of .22 and higher are recommended. Check local regulations before hunting.


This category refers to coyotes, fox and bobcats. Airguns that qualify for these species are also suitable for other similarly sized game species including hogs and turkeys. Calibers of .25 and higher are recommended. Confirm local regulations before hunting.

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