Airbow FAQ


Mechanism – Bolt Action

Power Source – 3000psi of Compressed Air

ARROW - .357 diameter

Weight – 6.9lbs w/o accessories; 8.5 lbs. w/ OEM accessories

Length – 33.5”

Width – 2”

Safety – Manual/Lever

Velocity - 450FPS (with 375gr. arrow)

Energy – 168 FPE (with 375gr. arrow)

How many shots will you get when the Airbow is filled to 3000psi?

8 shots while holding a consistent velocity (approx. 450fps); then you will start to see a 15-20 fps velocity drop per shot after the 8th shot. You should get about 10 shots before the velocity drops below 400fps (1800psi). At that point we recommend you top off your reservoir with air.

Filling the Airbow

• With a high pressure hand pump (HPP2KU) – from empty it will take approximately 250-300 pumps to fill the reservoir to 3000psi. Once filled, shoot 8-10 shots, they top off by pumping 25-30 times to get back up to 3000psi.

• With a 4500psi compressed air tank (81001) – a full tank will fill the AIRBOW reservoir 7 times (getting approximate 70 shots off the Airbow per tank).

• Can I use a non-Benjamin filling solution – Yes, the Airbow is compatible with common airgun and paintball filling solutions. A selection of PCP Fill Adaptors is available at

• What filling solutions should not be used - We recommend HPA tank solutions that are larger than 3000 PSI to ensure a maximum fill. Home compressors typically fill to 150-180 PSI and are not suitable.

• Please consult our Fill Calculator for additional insight to solution capabilities

Is the Airbow performance affected by temperature? There is no significant change in the product based on temperature. It’s run off of compressed air, not CO2.

What is the trigger pull of the Airbow? The Airbow trigger is a 2 stage unit. The purpose of a 2 stage trigger is to provide feedback to the shooter when pulling the trigger up to the point just before the trigger breaks and the Airbow fires. This provides for a very controlled release of the trigger. The trigger is factory set for safe and reliable use. No maintenance should be required. The trigger is designed to have approximate pull weights of 2 lbs. on the 1st stage and break at 3 lbs. on the 2nd stage.

At what distance should the Airbow be sighted in? We recommend sighting in at 30yards. The CenterPoint 6x40mm scope included provides additional aimpoints out to 75yards. A reticle map and yardage points is provided in the Airbow owner’s manual.

What is the 20MOA base provided in my Airbow package? Due to the high speeds of the Airbow there is very little arrow dropat 30yds. This causes an issue where some scopes do no have a sufficient amount of elevation adjustment. The 20 MOA base, provides an additional 20 MOA of upward adjustment if required.

What type of target should be used with the Airbow? We recommend targets designed for 400fps+ velocities and set at a minimum distance of 20 yards. Targets that we have tested and found success with include: Spyderweb Crossbow Targets or Extreme Range, Big Shot Extreme 500 and Hurricane Crossbow H-21. REMINDER: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BACKSTOP. Repeated shots at the same point of aim may result in a complete pass-through. Check your target’s backstop often to protect against damage or injury from arrows that may exit your target.

Is the arrow quiver mount reversible? You can mount the picatinny adapter and quiver quick-disconnect mount on the right or left side of the gun. The directions outlined in the manual are to mount on the right side. To mount on the left side, reverse the direction of quick disconnect mount on both the quiver and picatinny adaptor.

What color is the Airbow? The Airbow is black out of the box. A set of Realtree Xtra camo decals are included in the package to customize you Airbow.

What maintenance is required for the Airbow? There are two areas of maintenance recommended:

  1. Lubricating the bolt, this is done by lifting the cocking lever and putting moly grease on the bolt and receiver area around it. This is recommended every 200 shots.
    1. We recommend inspecting arrows before each use by bending and listening/looking for cracking.

Where is the Airbow legal to hunt and what game? It is always best to check your local laws and restrictions before hunting. You can also visit for information by state.


The Airbow comes with (3) Airbow 250 arrows, exclusively designed for the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow. USE ONLY ARROWS DESIGNED FOR USE WITH THE Airbow.


Material – High Performance Pure Carbon Fiber

Spine - 250

Arrow Length – 26.25”

Total Weight – 375grains (includes 100gr. field tip)

Fletching – (3) 2.6” vanes, right helical fletched to 2.5 degree

Coating - Victory’s ICETM coating – which delivers more speed, penetration and make them easier to remove.

Do Airbow arrows use a nock? No, the Airbow arrows have an aluminum bushing on the end to accept the Airbow’s arrow rest.

Who manufactures the Airbow 250 arrows? Benjamin partnered with Victory Archery, the carbon arrow experts, to design an Airbow arrow that delivers the fastest speeds, straightest trajectory and best accuracy (groupings of 2” at 50yards).

What Broadheads can be used with the Airbow? Most broadheads are compatible with the Airbow 250 arrows. In testing we found fixed broadheads to have the best accuracy. Airbow arrows feature standard inserts. Broadheads or field tips requiring deep inserts are not compatible.

What does the “250” mean? This refers to the spine of the arrow and indicates its level of stiffness.

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