Air Power Takes a Future-Tech Turn with the Crosman ST-1

This Convertible, Full-Auto BB Rifle/Pistol is All Exhilaration

Air power takes a future-tech turn with the Crosman ST-1, a full-auto BB airgun that does dual duty as a rifle and a pistol. The sleek and sexy ST-1 integrates a high-capacity magazine—holding over 300 BBs—giving airgun enthusiasts free rein to let it rip with the pure joy of shooting. Lock in the adjustable/removable stock and barrel extender and the ST-1 becomes a red dot sight-equipped rifle ready to be emptied at long range. Pop off the stock and unscrew the barrel extender and shooters have a full- or semi-auto AR pistol ready to rock n' roll.

.Crosman ST-1 Full-Auto

With its futuristic white and black look and tactile grips, the ST-1 is nothing if not bold. It’s the kind of airgun that makes tin cans tremble in fear. Available this Spring on for a MSRP of $279


  • Converts between rifle and pistol with removable stock and barrel extender
  • Easy switch between full- and semi-auto
  • Make it last with the integrated high-capacity magazine, holding 25 rounds or over 300 BBs
  • Dual CO2 powerplant keeps your ammo slamming at up to 430 fps
  • Hang tight with tactile grip zone that accentuate the ST-1’s futuristic white & black look
  • Red dot sight included
  • Adjustable stock

Crosman ST-1 Full-Auto with Bike

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