Air, Liberty, and Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s good to be thankful. Particularly at Thanksgiving!

At Crosman, we’re thankful for plenty this year: for all the good times we’ve had, for our friends and family, and for our colleagues.

Around the Crosman offices and factory floor, we’ve been exchanging Thanksgiving traditions and we wanted to share one with you. This one comes from Deb O., a Senior Buyer for Crosman who sources parts for our airguns.


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Deb celebrates Thanksgiving with her extended family — husband, daughter, aunt and uncle, their kids and grandkids, and a growing handful of others. There is always room for one or two more!

Thanksgiving for Deb’s crew is a crock pot buffet with all the traditional fixing. They gather at a condo clubhouse in Lakeview, New York and have done so every year for age. The tradition actually started with what was an annual pilgrimage to Niagara Falls. Deb's family would sneak crock pots full of potatoes, gravy, stuffing, squash, and turkey into the lodge they stayed at, making sure to get rooms near each other. When they were ready to eat, the smell of Thanksgiving dinner would welcome them back to their rooms, where they’d feast.

These days, Deb’s family still brings crock pots full of sides for Thanksgiving, but they cook the turkey in the over they have available at the clubhouse. Over the years, more and more people have joined the celebration, so the variety of dishes has increased, too.

After dinner, the younger kids entertain the group by playing the piano, clarinet, or sax and Deb mixes up a signature cocktail; lately, that’s been apple cider mimosas!

How about you? What’s bringing you joy and gratitude this time of year?

For Deb, she’s most grateful now for the support she received from my co-workers and friends while she was dealing with her elderly dads.

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving. Now get out there and have some fun!

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